[opendtv] Next-gen DVD talks collapse

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I guess the DVD will enjoy a long and healthy life.


Next-gen DVD talks collapse

Yoshiko Hara
(05/16/2005 11:42 AM EDT)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=3D163103901

TOKYO - Talks among Matsushita, Sony and Toshiba designed
to unify competing next-generation DVD formats have failed,
making it more likely the rivals will follow separate paths
to the video market. Backers of the rival HD DVD and Blu-ray
Disc formats said talks would nevertheless continue.

The rivals met here Monday (May 16). A separate meeting of
the Blu-ray Disc Association atttracted 230 attendees from
80 companies. The HD DVD Promotion Group held an
extraordinary meeting that drew 120 attendees from 64
companies. Both meetings were closed to the public.

Sony and Toshiba updated the status of unification talks
during both meetings, according to attendees. Kiyoshi
Nishitani, Sony's senior vice president, acknowledged that
the three companies had failed to reach an agreement,
according to a Sony spokesman.

Meanwhile, Yoshihide Fujii, president and CEO of Toshiba
Digital Media Network Co., confirmed that if the 0.1-mm disk
format reaches satisfactory production and cost levels,
unification based on the 0.1-mm cover layer was still
possible. Still, industry sources said the format has yet to
meet those requirements.

Toshiba executives said unification talks have been
complicated by the assumption that a merger would be based
on the 0.1-mm format. They insisted that the talks should
discuss technologies used in both formats.

Both Sony and Toshiba executives said the talks would
continue, but downplayed the prospects that the three
consumer electronics giants could reach a consensus on a
unified format.

The HD DVD group said it will stick to its schedule for
introducing HD DVD products later this year.

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