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NOVEMBER 23, 2004


Next: TV Meets IP

Internet technologies promise to soon take couch potatoes to worlds 
far beyond TiVo. Even phone companies could benefit big-time

Just a few years ago, the fine art of watching TV seemed unlikely to 
change much. You watched programs when the networks told you to watch 
them. Maybe you taped them on a videocassette recorder. Either way, 
your choices were limited. Then along came the TiVo (TIVO ) digital 
video recorder, which as its 2 million loyal customers will tell you, 
added more than a little convenience to the coach potato's world.

Turns out, TiVo was just the start. A new wave of TV-related 
innovation called IP-TV is just starting to reach consumers. Just as 
the service known as voice over Internet protocol is poised to 
revolutionize the phone business by offering a low-cost Internet 
alternative to traditional phone service, IP-TV could bring 
Internet-style interactivity and flexibility to your TV set.

It won't happen overnight, of course. But over the next decade, the 
long-hyped notion of "video-on-demand" could become commonplace, 
allowing consumers to watch what they want, when they want to. 
They'll be able to control their IP-TV service remotely through a PC 
or a cell phone. And they'll be able to personalize their content, 
whether they want to watch the local high school football game or 
home movies.



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