[opendtv] Re: News: Will local stations pull plug on cable?

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With the Networks no longer paying affiliates to run programming, and in 
fact the affiliates are having to pay the networks, the next logical step 
was to have retrans consent play a larger and larger role.

Which is why I don't get my panties all in a bunch over multicast must 
carry.  Include it in your retrans consent agreement.


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> Will local stations pull plug on cable?
> December 14, 2005 12:00am
> Source: Erie Times-News (PA) (KRT)
>  Dec. 13--The days of getting free television feeds on cable from
> broadcast networks such as ABC and CBS could soon be a thing of the
> past.
>  Officials from Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. and Lilly
> Broadcasting -- the corporate owners of Erie's commercial network
> affiliates -- said Monday they each are negotiating contracts with
> the region's cable carriers that, for the first time, could net them
> a per-subscriber payment from the cable companies.

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