[opendtv] News: US Advertising Off To Slow Start For '05

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Via Radio Ink


US Advertising Off To Slow Start For '05

As reported by CNN/Money, five full months into 2005, Internet and 
cable television advertising is strong, while network television and 
newspapers are struggling. And radio advertising numbers are getting 
a big yawn at the moment from Wall Street.

Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine concluded in a report released 
last week that there is "absolutely no momentum" in US advertising.

The report comes as the major television broadcast networks are 
trying to sell commercial time for the fall season. Merrill Lynch and 
other media analyst predict advance sales of primetime advertising 
will be flat at about $9.1 billion or slightly higher this year 
compared to a year ago.

Cable network sales, on the other hand, are expected to grow 11 
percent, to $7.3 billion, due to climbing ratings and lower ad rates 
compared to network television.

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