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  • From: "Bob Miller" <robmxa@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 19:46:54 -0400

FOTA if it worked, and Subscription service OTA and PPV over the air and OTA
that worked mobile. What else would you need? Really what else do I need? OK
mobile Internet also. I don't need DVD's or satellite or cable. Just need
OTA done right with great mobile reception and a plan. OTA is a huge pipe
that can deliver all our TV and video needs effortlessly.

I got a haircut on Thursday on Roosevelt Island where I live in full view of
the Empire State Building from right outside the front door.

The owner and my lady barber were pre-occupied with their new Samsung 40"
LCD that they had just hung on the wall. She asked me do you want to watch
TV but then added that the picture was not very good. The pic was horrible,
full of snow and it was analog. She explained that they were using an
antenna, bow and loop, and there it was on the table below the TV. She said
they might get cable but they wanted twice since they were a commercial

I offered to try to make the picture better and they gave me the remote.
After a few minutes of scanning I had 7 or eight channels in digital running
and they were ecstatic. How did I know about this, where was it coming from,
how much did it cost and then after some explanations they wanted to know
why the store had told them they needed either cable or a DVD player with
the TV. Why didn't anyone tell us about this they asked 20 times before I
left. I told them that nobody wanted them to know. Broadcasters wanted them
to pay for cable. And so did their representatives in DC.

But I told them not to get too excited and sure enough before I left they
were having major dropouts on the channel they wanted to watch the most.

Again I explained what was happening and again told them that DC didn't want
to let then get anything for free without a lot of pain.

I told them if they want good reception they could get it on a cell phone.

Bob Miller

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Manfredi, Albert E <
albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Bob Miller wrote:
> > I think a pretty high percentage of cable and sat customers
> > only watch a few channels or I should say a few channels are
> > really important to them. In a survey a few years ago the
> > surveyor asked me a long list of questions and I found
> > myself answering "Sopranos" over and over. I was paying for
> > cable mostly to get the Sopranos.
> Right. But you do watch other stuff as well, as you explain below.
> > With the option to buy seasons of such content as the
> > Sopranos and current more time sensitive news shows like The
> > Daily Show on the Internet the hold cable has on me is
> > growing weaker all the time. Soon it may be just inertia
> > that tethers me.
> Makes sense to me. You're making the case that FOTA and FOTI (free over
> the Internet) are the most natural companions of DVD sets, including DVD
> rentals, or pay-over-Internet. I would certainly agree. That's why I
> said to Craig that it isn't FOTA TV that is most threatened by the
> Internet distribution of TV programming that he advocates.
> Bert
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