[opendtv] News: Survey Shows Media Multi-Tasking Impacting TV Viewing Most

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Via Radio Ink

BIGresearch Survey Shows Media Multi-Tasking Impacting TV Viewing Most

The latest Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM V) indicates that 
the simultaneous consumption of media is continuing and television 
appears to be the medium most consumed along with other media.

  "The old model of the family sitting down to be entertained by the 
three major networks ceased to exist long ago. Today primetime isn't 
just for TV. Consumers are just as likely to go online, read a 
magazine, newspaper or their mail, thumb through a catalogue, play 
video games or watch TV in various combinations of simultaneity which 
has resulted in a decline of time spent with TV (- 2.5%)," said Joe 
Pilotta, PhD, V.P. Research, BIGresearch. "Most models used by 
marketers substitute scanner or product movement data for consumer 
purchase and media consumption and as a result are unable to account 
for the impact simultaneous media usage has on their advertising 
ROI," said Pilotta.

  Some of the key findings from the study include:

  When watching TV, 66.3% regularly or occasionally read the mail.
  When watching TV, 60.1% regularly or occasionally go online.
  When watching TV, 55.0% regularly or occasionally read the newspaper.
  When watching TV, 51.8% regularly or occasionally read magazines.

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