[opendtv] Re: News: Streamlined Cable TV in a Card

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You can't use the exact same program guide as the cable company's set-top, but 
there is usually some kind of EPG in the TV.  Toshiba, for example, uses TV 
Guide software which is actually far superior to what I'm used to with SA.

Sticking with what I know, Toshiba again offers a simple PVR upgrade for their 
integrated sets.  It's a hard drive that plugs into the TV's Firewire I/O.

2 strikes...wanna swing again?

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> Not only can't you use your program guide (which also means no PPV or VOD I 
> would guess), but they also lack the PVR functionality
> that many cable companies are starting to offer in their leased STBs.  I 
> explained all this to the FCC 5 years ago but they didn't
> seem to understand (or care).

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