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Via Ken Radio - http://kenradio.com

More Than One HDTV
A new study shows one in six households in the United States now have at least one high definition-capable TV (HDTV), up from one out of every fourteen households just two years ago according to from Research Group. Yet, as much as ever, a disparity exists in HDTV ownership by household income level. Millions of HDTV sets have been sold in the US in the past year, and more homes than ever are actually watching HD programming. Yet even with the price of HD sets decreasing, we see that growth of HD is being driven by those who can most afford to buy one, which in an increasing number of instances includes households with more than one HDTV set. With just two and a half years to go before the digital TV transition takes place, two-thirds of Americans remain unaware of the pending analog cut-off, helping to explain why this deadline has had little impact on the purchase of HD and digital TVs to date.


* The mean annual household income of HDTV households is 42% above average
* 26% of households with annual incomes of over $50,000 have an HDTV compared to 7% of households with annual incomes below $50,000
* 26% of HDTV owners have more than one HDTV - up from 11% last year
* 29% of HDTV owners are likely to get another HDTV in the next year - up from 18% last year * Only one-third of adults have heard of the digital TV transition, scheduled for February 17, 2009

TV Statistics
$$1.06 bln worth of pay TV stolen in Asia in 2005
1.5 mln paying IPTV subscribers in mid-2005
100 mln Internet-based TV subscribers by 2010
102 mln mobile TV subscribers by 2010
12% want video to go on their portable devices
13 mln PC-TV tuners were sold in 2005
13-14% of TV time for men and women 18-49 is out of home
17 mln IPTV users in China by 2009
17% of Americans have HDTV
17% of US consumers have a flat panel TV, 49% plan to get a flat panel
19.1% of Internet users interested in on-demand television purchases
19.7% of Americans to have DVRs by year-end 2006
2.73 TVs, 2.55 people in average US households
20% of all Americans and 15.7% of DVR owners watch 44.5+ hours of TV weekly
20.8% of average working day is spent on media
21.1 mln Latin American households subscribe to multichannel TV
25% of US households to own DVRs by 2008
250 mln DVR owners by 2011
26% of HDTV owners have more than one HDTV set
26% of US households to have HDTV by year-end 2006
3 mln plasma TVs sold so far
30% of Americans to have HDTVs by year-end 2006
34 mln IPTV subscriptions globally by 2010
36.9 mln IPTV subscribers in 2009
37 inch LCD TV prices down 30% so far in 2006
37.4% of HDTV owners have a vague idea of what HDTV actually means
4% of Western European households have IPTV
4.5 mln set top box subscribers by 2008, $231.3 mln industry
40 IPTV networks will have more than 100K subscribers in 2009
48.8 mln IPTV subscribers by 2010
49% of HDTV owners do not take full advantage of HDTV
50 mln hybrid set top boxes to be shipped by 2011
51% of US households have cable TV, 26% - satellite
52% of US TV watchers would switch paid TV services if they could get a better price
53 mln IPTV subscribers by 2009
53% of Internet-enabled Asian households want to view digital photos on TV
56% of Americans know what IPTV is
59% of digital TV subscribers will have interactive platforms by 2009
63% of US households to own HDTVs by 2010
63.1 mln IPTV subscribers by 2010
65.5% of Americans get their news primarily from local TV
67% of children under 2 watch TV at least once a day
69% of monitors in 2006 and 27% of TVs sold in 2006 to be LCD
7.3 mln LCD TVs sold in Q1 2006
73 mln cable TV subscribers in the US
8.7 mln Europeans to have IPTV by 2009
81% of Americans worry about TV that their children watch
99% of US households have access to at least one HDTV station
Ad-splicing equipment to generate $1.8 bln by 2011
By 2010 128.4 mln people will watch TV on their mobile devices
Cable TV infrastructure equipment sales to generate $2.1 bln in 2010
DVD sales to grow 12% in 2005, 9% in 2006
DVR families watch 5.7 hours of TV a day, regular families - 5.1 hours
Flat panel TVs to generate $72 bln by 2010
HDTV market to reach $65 bln by 2009
LCD market up 535% in Indonesia, up 456% in Chine, up 417% in Korea
LCD TVs to account for 56% of TVs sold in 2010
Mobile TV to be worth $8.4 bln by 2010
Subscriber growth for satellite TV down 29%
Top cable TV markets: China - 106 mln, USA - 69 mln, India - 46 mln
Top-selling TV brands: Sharp, Sony, Philips, Samsung
TV market leaders in 2005: LG, Samsung, TCL
TV production up 5.7% in 2006
TV spot ad revenues to grow 6.1-7.9% in 2006
TV usage for young men 18-24 up 5% in 2005
US DVR penetration reaches 7%
Video on demand to generate $163 per subscriber a month by 2009

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