[opendtv] Re: News: Microsoft, Philips Offer New White Space Test Results

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:26:31 -0700 (PDT)

Mobile devices should be prohibited from transmitting until they have listened
for the appropriate fixed station, which they
won't find.
But they also could find a local node in the vicinity of the hospital, which 
could issue a
NET ALERT caution to not kill  Grandma....and THEN the kid could click on 

Maybe Hospital scenario is solved with a node that prevents nearby 
PS: I've used various GPS receivers over the years and have verified many times:
GPS is a NON-STARTER for INDOOR use...


John Willkie <johnwillkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  body{font-family: 
#ffffff;color: black;}   So, these devices will also have a live online 
connection and a gps device, and they will know how close they are to a 
sporting venue, and what (unlicensed, but authorized) uses are made of which 
frequencies at the venue, and they'l know how close they are to which 
hospitals, and they'll know what (unlicensed, but authorized) use these 
hospitals make in their ICUs and elsewhere of broadcast frequencies for patient 
 What if the wsd is in a laptop, and junior comes to visit grandma, who is on 
life support on her death bed?  Then, junior turns on his laptop to show 
grandma the latest photos, and kills grandma, because his wsd turns on and was 
using, at least for a second, the parameters that worked at home.
 You may have the home situation thought out; your scenario wouldn't work 
outside of the home, or fixed devices.  Now, let's talk about people with WSDs 
and evil intent, not ignorance ...
 John Willkie

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I think the scenaria need to be clarified.....

Towards the "fringes" (and maybe only half-way to Class B limit), DTV viewers 
forced to use attic or roof-mounted antenna systems with moderate gain in order 
receive a usable signal.

On the other hand, WSD devices may be located in the bottom floor of a condo/apt
building, or even in the basement and hence would need to be more sensitive.

Basic problem is whether an improvement of 20 dB in sensitivity is enough or 
Given the height gain difference, indoor loss and negative gain antenna 
factors, there are
going to be many WSD devices that do not detect what the OTA D  TV is trying to 

But avoiding active DTV channels is a readily solvable problem via on-line
database lookup (or whatever)....so presumably only the WSD and remote
mike systems need to avoid each other....

But, of course, there are NO White Spaces on Cable (and some SAT systems).


John Shutt <shuttj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Al,

I believe your testing in DC, because I've seen it here in Lansing with 

However, I will stand by what I said, in that I find it almost impossible to 
have a null on the pilot that is -114 db, yet have that signal recoverable a 
few feet away.

What you described is a pilot that was maybe -80, dB and recoverable a 
couple of hundred yards away. Any WSD with sensitivity for pilot down 
to -114 dB would have still detected a carrier, even if you couldn't see it 
on an HP Spectrum Analyzer.


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From: "Allen Le Roy Limberg" 

> One could drive a hundred yards or so from good reception to abysmal
> reception. The transmission antenna heights are pretty low for some DC 
> area
> stations, and the   terrain is pretty much hill and dale.


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