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Dear Opendtv friends,

The ideal solution to prevent the loss of spectral space is to develop IPTV 
into analog channels.

Look this plans:




I Think is possible broadcast IPTV by "time multiplexing". in all versions of 
PAL , NTSC , SECAM analog TV systems.



from Brazil

> http://www.tvtechnology.com/pages/s.0157/t.8766.html
> Microsoft, Philips Offer New White Space Test Results
> September 28, 2007
> Microsoft and Philips, seeking FCC rules that would allow unlicensed
> mobile devices to operate in the unused channels known as white
> spaces, showed the FCC new test results the companies say prove their
> prototype devices have the ability to detect-and thus avoid
> interfering with-DTV signals.
> TV Technology columnist Doug Lung takes a close look at the
> Microsoft-Philips data in this week's RF Report.
> The tests were conducted at about 1,000 sites in the New York and Los
> Angeles areas, within and 10 miles outside TV channel contours. The
> devices detected DTV signals above -114 dBm-the sensitivity threshold
> suggested by the technology companies of the White Space
> Coalition-100 percent of the time, according to the companies.
> "The data collected clearly demonstrates that a threshold of -114 dMb
> protects viewable TV signals within and even well outside of
> television contours," the companies wrote in a 73-page presentation
> to the commission. "The real world data presented here proves that
> the broadcasters' assertion that over-the-air sensing is not
> technically feasaible and does not provide them with adequate
> protection is simply wrong."
> Edmond Thomas, the former FCC Office of Engineering and Technology
> chief now representing the White Space Coalition, made the company's
> case in person to current OET boss Julius Knapp and others Sept. 20.
> Thomas encouraged the FCC to do its own testing of the devices, even
> if it meant delaying an order on the spectrum by a few months.
> Microsoft and Philips have previously asked the FCC to conduct more
> tests before making a decision.
> David Donovan, president and CEO of the Association for Maximum
> Service Television (MSTV), panned the tests.
> "If you go through their data, they found holes. In fact, they found
> lots of holes," he said, referring to spots where the DTV signals
> dropped to -115 dBm. In those places, sensing no channel, the white
> space devices would transmit, causing interference. "Their own data
> proves our point."
> Asked about the tests, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said evaluation the
> devices was ongoing and that all parties involved are interested in
> ensuring the devices are working properly. He said he would rely on
> FCC engineers to set the pace did not predict a timeline for an FCC
> order.
> Summer tests by the FCC showed a range of interference issues for the
> prototypes. Microsoft said later its box had been defective, and
> Philips made improvements later to its box, the company told the FCC.
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