[opendtv] News: Matsushita chief backs effort to unify next-generation DVD spec

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EE Times: Latest News
Matsushita chief backs effort to unify next-generation DVD spec

Yoshiko Hara

  EE Times
(04/28/2005 4:06 PM EDT)

  TOKYO - Matsushita President Kunio Nakamura endorsed the effort to 
unify the next-generation DVD standard, saying Thursday (April 28) 
concessions from both sides on technology are possible.

"I support the unification" effort, Nakamura said during a 
question-and-answer session while announcing Matsushita's quarterly 
financial results. "We cannot compromise on the point of the 0.1 mm 
[cover layer]," he added.

Nakamura's comments were the first by a Japanese consumer electronics 
executive since statements last week by Sony executives about a 
possible compromise.

Momentum has been building among companies, consumers and governments 
to unify the rival HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc specs for next-generation 
DVDs. Negotiations are continuing, according to an industry source. 
There is general agreement on both sides that unification is 
critical, but compromises on narrow issues like the physical format 
of new disks has so far proven elusive.

Reports here suggested that Sony and Toshiba, leaders of the rival 
format camps, would reach an accord on a unified format by the end of 

"There is no change in preparation for the introduction," said a 
spokesman of Memory-Tech Corp., a major disk replicator and backer of 
the HD DVD format. Toshiba plans to introduce the first HD DVD player 
in the fourth quarter. Hollywood studios will release at least 89 
movie titles in parallel with the player introduction.

The Blu-ray Disc group has not specified the timing for introducing 
BD-ROMs. The HD DVD group is apparently seeking a deal before Japan's 
Golden Week festivities beginning Friday (April 29).

For now, the HD DVD group is preparing additional specifications to 
strengthen its format. The specs could be revealed after Golden Week 
(April 29 to May 8).
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