[opendtv] News: Local TV Stations Are Facing Severe Cost Pressures--Here's How They Should Cut

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 18:40:48 -0500

Craig posted:
Local TV Stations Are Facing Severe Cost Pressures--Here's How They Should Cut
Lauren Rich Fine, 11.19.08, 02:55 PM EST

NBC Local and Fox announced last week their plan to pool resources to cover 
local news in certain markets, an encouraging sign that TV stations are 
beginning to understand the desperate need to rationalize their massive 
newsgathering costs.

Is there too much local TV news? I think yes, and it's a warning bell I've 
sounded for some time.
[ ... ]
Hear hear.
I saw that same news item somewhere last week. If news gathering costs are 
indeed a big burden on local stations, one wonders why this sort of cooperation 
hasn't been evolving for a long time.
I did mention that our ABC affiliate, WJLA, now transmits, around the clock, 
the audio from the local WTOP all-news radio station, along with its own 
weather video, on DTT channel 7-2. Seems like a good combination to me. And 
they have old TV shows on 7-3.
Something else odd I noticed today. That same station was transmitting ESPN 
sports OTA, college football, this afternoon. And it was the ABC network doing 
this. Weird, no? Especially weird considering that article about ESPN now 
having all the college bowl games.
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