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Fixated on TVs, and What's on Them

Published: January 10, 2008

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In the longer term, a more direct relationship with content providers
could give them a little more strength in negotiating with cable
companies that are still the main pipeline of premium content. In the
immediate term, it might give them a cut of revenue from the delivery of
content. Jeffrey Cove, vice president for technology and alliances at
Panasonic, declined to discuss the financial terms of the company's deal
with Google's YouTube and Picasa. But he did say: "We're the collectors.
We are providing an outlet for eyeballs."

This is just the collusion aspect that I think consumers should be wary
of. This is where cozy deals get made that force people into business
models that favor only the certain well-controlled sources, and here we
have the content sources and the equipment makers taking the control
away from consumers. The previously posted article about Macrovision
also advanced this sort of model.

AOL tried that too, with Internet access, and ultimately failed.

What a racket. I don't think people should just bend over and take this

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