[opendtv] News: Digital Drives Cable Growth

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  Digital Drives Cable Growth

By Bill McConnell -- Broadcasting & Cable, 7/6/2004 3:33:00 PM

New digital services, particularly high-speed Internet, are driving 
growth in the cable industry, according to the midyear report from 
the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

Providing relief from otherwise stagnant numbers for overall TV 
programming subscribership, cable broadband Internet customers have 
increased 35% in the past year. For the year ended in March, 
high-speed Internet subscribership climbed to 17.3 million from 12.8 

  Since the end of 2003 alone, broadband subscribership has climbed 
7.5% from 16.1 million. Digital cable penetration is another bright 
spot, up 15% from 20 million at the end of first-quarter 2003 to 22.9 

Overall cable subscribership during that time has remained at 73.3 
million. Cable telephone penetration climbed 8% during the first 
three months of 2004 to 2.7 million after remaining relatively 
stagnant at 2.5 million through most of 2003.

  NCTA President Robert Sachs said the numbers show that the cable 
industry's $85 billion in new digital plant is paying off for 
operators. "With a major infrastructure upgrade during the past eight 
years, cable operators have demonstrated their commitment to meet 
consumer demand for these exciting new interactive services," said 
Sachs.  "Cable operators are now offering consumers a variety of 
products that can meet their information, entertainment and 
communications needs," he said.

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