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At 10:10 AM -0800 2/29/08, John Willkie wrote:
Could you name one of those "successful" jukebox services?  And, you can't
use the Video Jukebox Network (I think my first customer still has one of
their devices), since it was only "successful" for a few months (until the
phone bills came home to roost).  The last time I checked, it was NEVER in
operation at a customer location for more than 12 months.

Down Boy!

The thread was NOT about successful business models. IT was about the ability to have interactivity with a one way transmission system.

Most of the juke box services I am familiar with were delivered by LPTV stations or in some cases cable systems.

While these may not have been successful, there are MANY Internet radio stations that are user driven. And You Tube is strongly driven by the number of views of any video on the site.


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