[opendtv] Re: News: Cellphone Straitjacket Is Inspiring a Rebellion

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Well, I disagree that the amount of money that broadcasters charge viewers
is predatory, and I disagree that broadcasters (or their content providers)
control viewers.

John Willkie

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A minor point of irony here.

The storm clouds are gathering around the cellphone industry, which 
has been acting as an oligopoly to keep prices high and to keep 
control over its subscribers. Articles like the one that follows are 
now commonplace as the barriers to competition in wireless 
communications begin to fall.

I suspect that there are few on this list who would disagree with the 
above, or complain that competition is going to lead to lower prices 
and better products/services.

Yet when the subject of multi-channel TV distribution comes up in 
this forum, there are persistent arguments here that similar levels 
of predatory pricing and control of consumers even exist.

Perhaps this is beginning to change too?

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