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I suspect that you don't have any CC stations in your market, or you don't
listen to them.  This was long overdue.

John Willkie

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Could this be a reaction to satellite radio? The iPod?

Looks like a little competition could be a very good thing.


A Radio Giant Moves to Limit Commercials

Published: July 19, 2004

Clear Channel Radio plans to announce today that it will begin
limiting the number of commercials its more than 1,200 stations can
play, in a move that analysts say may ripple through the industry
even before it takes effect on Jan. 1.

  John E. Hogan, chief executive at Clear Channel Radio, which is
based in San Antonio, said the sprawl of commercials throughout radio
was causing clear harm. "If you have listened to the radio at all,
you know that there is an amazing amount of commercial and
promotional inventory," he said. "So much so that we have run the
risk of diluting our product."

Reaching for the tuner as soon as a D.J. says "Don't touch that dial"
is almost instinctual for many listeners, a fact that radio
executives could accept when revenue was soaring, like it last did
during the dot-com boom.

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