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Cliff Benham wrote:

> In a recent post to the list I read that ATSC will provide
> coverage for 90% of the viewers, just as analog NTSC does.
> But the telling statement that followed this claim was that
> it would not be the same 90%.
> That says it all.

Cliff, indeed it does say it all. Only the statement wasn't about NTSC
and ATSC!

Perhaps you are referring to this quote:

"BTW, Digitenne promises the same 99% of coverage as analog, only it is
not necessarily the same 99%. Your Mileage May Vary."

It was a comment made by Jeroen Stessen, concerning Dutch DTT.

Quod erat demonstradum.


Yes, you are correct. I did not remember Jeroen's exact words, nor that
they were in fact his and I should have gone back and looked it up.

Would that this admission could fix ATSC but alas, it won't.

And, as Bob Miller has just pointed out the number for ATSC is more likely
to be
only 70% of coverage as compared to NTSC.

QUOTE 99% is a lot different than 90%. And where did 90% come from? It is
more like 70% on a good day.

"Not the same 99% is a joke", he was making a funny. Get it?

Bob Miller UNQUOTE

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