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One of the "problems" wrt the Baltimore (FOX45) station and you is that by design we must provide protection to the north (York, PA) because of interference criteria of maximization. :-(

Imagine the situation to ALL of our market if we had not maximized! (what is your ZIP?)

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Bert wrote:
<---> In your specific case, have
you tried pointing the antenna to Baltimore yet, rather than trying to
receive Baltimore from behind the parabolic reflector? If Phildelphia,
behind the hill, doesn't come in well, do what the Europeans do: go for
the best signal source in your location. In your case, 8-VSB should be
at least as good as COFDM. You're far from every transmitter, and not
even in a congested location.


 Yes I have pointed the parabolic UHF antenna towards Baltimore and the
only difference was the Philly stations came in worse. Still no 'FOX'
from either market.

The goal here is to receive the Philly stations so I can get emergency
and weather reports that apply to where I live.
I don't get this information for my area from the Baltimore stations.

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