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I emailed them and they suggested buying the later model PHD-101 for 
~$ 160.00 plus ~20.00 shipping, so I did. I am buying it for the 64/256 QAM 
demod. capabilities as well as the ATSC reception.
Text of their reply:

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. Please check on our on-line web store
at www.ePVision.com for our next generation HDTV Tuner Receiver Box,
PHD-101. During our current promotion period, we also give away a free DVI
cable. Thank you very much!

Sales Team
Email: sales@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Tel: (714) 630-6899

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Where can I purchase one of these today?

I'll let everyone know how well it works as soon as it arrives.


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> Richard Hollandsworth wrote:
> > Fol post has info on the $160 PrimeDTV PHD-100 OTA STB.
> http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=3D7022533&#post7022533
> > It does ATSC and QAM and probably also NTSC (the manual
> > is somewhat unclear). Copyright date for manual is 2005
> > and the pdf create date is only a month ago: 20Dec2005.
> On the question of NTSC support, looks like Digital
> Stream used to provide it, but no longer. Their original
> 1150 supported NTSC, the Accurian and 3150 Plus don't.
> Which is probably a good thing. Seems to me that having to
> support NTSC can only degrade ATSC performance, mostly
> because, all else equal, it probably increases the noise
> figure of the receiver.
> I was looking for the power requirements of the PHD-101,
> to see if the downward trend continues. Couldn't find any
> for the PHD-101, but they did mention the unit gets warm.
> which makes me wonder. For your info, here are some power
> specs in units I've read about, in chronological order:
> Digital Stream 1150: 40 W operating, 2 W standby
> Accurian: 22 W operating
> Digital Stream 3150 Plus: 20 W operating
> Humax HFA-100: 18 W operating
> (Not sure about the respective ages of the last two.)
> I'm all in favor of A/74 becoming the de-facto
> performance standard, as it appears to be doing. And
> finally this PHD-101 seems to be in line with what I
> was expecting as state of the art STBs available by now.
> This is great news. Notice also how this unit is easily
> configured for any global DTT or digital cable standard.
> Thanks for the pointer, Richard.
> > I believe that the best performing STBs were probably
> > from LG and at least some of the other units were from
> > ATI, based on correlation with  LG and ATI test results
> I would be surprised if the new Samsung Gemini chip units
> don't beat out the LG, after they've sorted out the front
> end. Measurements don't lie. (Of course, I'm sure LG
> isn't standing still, even if they don't make their good
> stuff available as STBs or PVRs.)
> I especially liked ATI's testimonial to the FCC.
> Bert
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