[opendtv] Re: New Mobile HDTV Device Allows Consumers to Receive High-Definition and Digital Cable Broadcasts on Laptops

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Portable is a definite (in ATSC 'speak'). I've talked to the COO/President and he seems like a straight shooter FWIW. I would characterize this "mobile" being used by them (AutumnWave) as being innocent. "Not plugged in to ATSC 'speak'". I will give a full report of this units performance soon. A FAR cry better than the FugiPlus unit I have. It is a (seemingly) very good performer, based on very preliminary input. Got to hit the streets of Baltimore to confirm...

It has a "real" 'tin can' front end, and some quite sophisticated  feedback to drive the appropriate stages of  a "real" tuner.

From M-W...

Main Entry: 1mo·bile
Pronunciation: 'mO-b&l, -"bI-&l also -"bEl
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English mobyll, from Anglo-French moble, from Latin mobilis, from movEre to move
1 : capable of moving or being moved : MOVABLE <a mobile missile launcher>
2 a : changeable in appearance, mood, or purpose <mobile face> b : ADAPTABLE, VERSATILE
4 a : characterized by the mixing of social groups b : having the opportunity for or undergoing a shift in status within the hierarchical social levels of a society <socially mobile workers>
5 : marked by the use of vehicles for transportation <mobile warfare>
6 : of or relating to a mobile
7 : CELLULAR 3 <a mobile phone>
- mo·bil·i·ty /mO-'bi-l&-tE/ noun

Regards, Mark
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John Shutt wrote:
Thanks, Bob.

In other words, the CES term would not be "mobile" it would be "portable."


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I just called AutumnWave and asked what they mean by mobile.

Scott, who answered the phone, said that he had never actually tried
the unit mobile. Did have it on the seat next to him while driving
once and, yes, it did cut in and out regularly. To paraphrase him, "
its not like a DVD where you get a continuous video, but you can take
it to a camp ground and even at some distance get decent reception. We
just had a call from a customer who was amazed that he got reception
of a ball game while in a camp ground".

Scott said the owner or CEO of the company had tested it while driving
he thought. Mobile is more like moving it from place to place he
cautioned. But it will receive the signal while moving just not

Bob Miller

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