[opendtv] Re: New Mobile HDTV Device Allows Consumers to Receive High-Definition and Digital Cable Broadcasts on Laptops

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  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 01:02:25 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

I suspect that you mean that they don't promote HDTV separate from their analog 
service, and excluding callsigns.  I'm not sure that they need to.  Promoting 
"Lost" on Wednesday on channel 7 is promoting the digital signal, since it also 
comes up on channel 7-0 as well as 7-1.

I also suspect that you are excluding the "in HD where available" that comes up 
at the start of most network shows, and even (starting this season) in similar 
form on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.   CBS seems to promote HD/5.1 on their 
network shows.  I'm not so sure that one can reliably get 5.1 via cable pickup 
from broadcast, but maybe cable has finally dealt with those issues and that 
isn't a broadcast-centric promo.

The stations will certainly be promoting HD when, as other markets are doing, 
they start to deploy HD news coverage.  (That gives them something to actually 
promote locally, as opposed to upconverted content, which maybe they don't want 
to promote because it's not "the real thing."

Tribune's KSWB promotes "The Tube" on channel 69.2 (or 5.2, I can't remember 
which and they have used both as permitted by their ownership of KTLA 5 in an 
adjacent market.)  Nobody here in San Diego has local content in HD to speak 
of, but work has begun here and there on the long-lead time items.

A correspondent told me that when he was visiting NYC on the way to the 
vineyard a few months ago, WNBC was promoting NBC Weather Plus on Comcast 
cable, but not over the air access to NWP.  The former I can understand, as I 
suspect it's part of a negotiated deal.  The latter is troubling.  Maybe they 
are waiting for someone to pay them to promote their own sub-channel?

John Willkie

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>None of the local HD stations in Philadelphia promote HD OTA at all.
>However, they all have promos running during local news programming 
>showing local cable channel numbers for their digital service.
>Editorial Comment: What a crock.
>Tom Barry wrote:
>> Mark -
>> I thought someone reported on this list that if an OTA station started 
>> promoting OTA then the cable companies would threaten to cancel 
>> advertising, or maybe otherwise be less cooperative.
>> Will that be a problem?
>> - Tom
>> Mark Aitken wrote:
>>> THIS IS THE PROBLEM (to a LARGE degree)! Mention TV to almost anyone, 
>>> and it is:
>>>    1. cable
>>>    2. satellite
>>>    3. Internet
>>>    4. DVD
>>>    5. HDTV
>>>    6. all of the above..
>>> ...but it is rarely "OTA", and perhaps most importantly "FREE".
>>> I am in the process of preparing a regular segment for our stations 
>>> (hope it flies!). I have yet to get to the point of what it should be 
>>> called, but I am leaning towards 'Antenna TV- Back to the Future'. 
>>> People are AMAZED that one can (still) get television signals 
>>> seemingly out of nowhere. Then tell them that you can get HDTV (out 
>>> of nowhere) and they are dumbfounded (after they get back some of 
>>> their senses, they usually want to know more...).
>>> This industry (ALL OF IT) needs to change the understanding of the 
>>> everyone, if it is to survive (and I would add, flourish!).
>>> Mark
>>> OTA Evangelist
>>> Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
>>>> This is the problem, as far as I can tell. A strangely ignorant public,
>>>> whose ignorance can only be assumed to be fostered by the industry
>>>> itself. Retailers, CE vendors, even broadcasters. How else to explain
>>>> the above quote?
>>>> Bert
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