[opendtv] Re: New Mobile HDTV Device Allows Consumers to Receive High-Definition and Digital Cable Broadcasts on Laptops

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As the result of a rave recommendation from one OpenDTV member some months back, I was able to get a customer of mine to purchase and try the unit.  He gets signals he couldn't get before, and when working on his tv transmitters, he no longer lugs along a tv set in the front seat; he just fires up his laptop (the unit is powered from the laptop via USB).  Can't wait to get one myself.
John Willkie

P.S.  Isn't this the second or third time I've seen the same or similar announcement?  My customer purchased it from AutumnWave. Months ago.
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New Mobile HDTV Device Allows Consumers to Receive High-Definition and Digital Cable Broadcasts on Laptops
                HDTV 'On-The-Go' Now a Reality for Consumers

    NEW BLOOMFIELD, Pa., Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- High-definition television
has moved beyond the big screen in your living room. The OnAir GT is the
first mobile device to allow consumers to receive high-definition and
analog over-the-air and digital (QAM) and analog cable television
broadcasts on laptops; it was announced by AutumnWave, OnAir Solution's
North American distributor.
    AutumnWave, recognized by RetailVision(R) 2006 with a Best of Show:
Digital Home nomination, is the master distributor for the OnAir GT from
OnAir Solution -- a prominent technology manufacturer based in Korea. The
software package offers consumers novel and convenient options to access
high-definition television, the most advanced option being that consumers
can now potentially watch high-definition television wherever they are. In
addition to offering mobile high-definition television, the OnAir GT is a
high-definition personal video recorder -- offering unparalleled viewing
quality and convenience to those who would otherwise miss their favorite
television programming. The product also provides console gamers the option
to play their favorite video games on-the-go.
    "As we looked at consumer buying habits of high-quality, high-tech
entertainment products, we realized that there was an opportunity for
mobile HDTV in the marketplace. The OnAir GT fills that gap," said Patrick
Park, CEO of Autumn Wave LLC. "The OnAir GT is compact so consumers who
travel frequently or live in tight quarters, like dorm rooms or studio
apartments, can experience high-definition television wherever a receivable
broadcast signal exists for a fraction of the usual cost."
    Early consumer feedback shows that the OnAir GT is, by far, the
industry leader in the mobile HDTV space -- an industry that continues to
grow at a significant rate. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is
set at $179 -- significantly reducing the cost of receiving HDTV in the
home, as well as bringing the consumer the added convenience of
experiencing HDTV on-the-go.
    "OnAir Solution holds multiple patents for the OnAir GT," said Park,
who is also on the Board of Directors of Korean-based OnAir Solution.
"OnAir Solution proudly owns the industry standards in the mobile HDTV
space. We're building on our current position in the market to continue
offering high-tech products that enhance the entertainment experience."
    AutumnWave is currently in the process of expanding the OnAir GT's
retail distribution to big-box, regional and online retailers. Today, the
OnAir GT is currently available for purchase at select retailers including
walmart.com, buy.com and DataVision in New York City, among others. In
addition, consumers can purchase the product directly from the AutumnWave
website, http://www.autumnwave.com, where more detailed information and
product support is available.
    About AutumnWave
    AutumnWave, a privately funded company, specializes in the marketing,
sales, distribution, and end-user support of new, high-tech products and
consumer electronics with particular emphasis on HDTV (High-Definition
Television), home theater, gaming accessories, and personal electronics and
accessories. The company is the North American master distributor for OnAir
Solution, a prominent technology manufacturer based in Korea. Founded in
September 2005, AutumnWave has since launched a popular line of HDTV
products, including the OnAir CREATOR and the OnAir GT, holding the
exclusive distribution rights to OnAir Solution products in North America.
Based in Pennsylvania, AutumnWave provides close support to retail
distributors, retail sales forces and directly to consumers with an
advanced product and technical support system.
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SOURCE Autumn Wave LLC
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