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  • From: Larry Bloomfield <Larry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 01:54:40 -0800

Hi all:

I need your help:

First I’m putting together the Road Show for this next year, 2006. 
There’s a lot of good cutting edge technology out there we want to bring 
with us, but it is not always easy to convince some companies of the 
value of having it brought to the grassroots folks who wouldn’t see it 
otherwise. If you know of a company who has innovative technology that 
you’d like to see and believe other broadcast folks across the country 
would benefit by it, let both them and Tech-Notes know and we’ll work to 
get them on the ticket with us. I’m especially trying to get a better 
balance with more radio oriented gear this year.

You know, it doesn’t make sense to bring the same old stuff. The Taste 
of NAB 2006 will be different than in past years. Will have all new 
equipment/technology to present and we plan to make the presentation 
more complete. It will be different in other respects also. In the past 
we have limited our number of sponsors to around a dozen. This next year 
(2006), that cap will be removed and we will take as many as two dozen. 
For those who saw our van, you may ask, how can you do that? The answer 
is simple. Our good old faithful van is very long in the tooth and will 
be replaced this year with a much larger van. We’re look at getting a 
Dodge Sprinter.

Because of the increase in the amount of technology we’ll be bringing 
with us in 2006, the Road Show will not be just an hour or so in length. 
We’ll be asking the various SBE chapters to plan on us for a full 
afternoon or full evening of information and education. When we tested 
the waters this year (2005) with this idea, it met with very positive 
comments. After all, where else can you see, touch and find out about 
the latest “whatevers” – right in your own backyard – and we love doing it.

I know we had a lot of e-mails asking us back in 2006. I’ve not started 
to address those yet, so if you want the Road Show to come to your neck 
of the woods, please let me know and we can probably work it out. I’m 
especially interested in being part of any SBE, SMPTE or similar 
organization’s educational plans for their members. There is no charge 
to any organization for me to bring the Road Show to you, but I will 
need some help. We can discuss that later. Also, I’m not going to kill 
myself like I did this past year (2005) with sixty-five venues; we’ll 
only be doing fifty-three.

Also, for those interested, we’ve just posted Tech-Notes #133 on our 
website. The URL is:
http://www.tech-notes.tv/Archive/tech_notes_133.pdf It is about 920 KB 
in size.

Thanks in advance for your help and Happy New Year


Larry Bloomfield, KA6UTC
1980 25th St.
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-2424 - Everything
See you on the Taste of
NAB 2006 Road Show

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