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NCTA: Wheeler Broadband Agenda Should Not Include Title II

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association says that FCC Chairman Tom 
Wheeler's broadband agenda speech Thursday in Washington is an argument for not 
imposing Title II regulations.

"Chairman Wheeler's remarks about broadband competition underscore the 
importance of maintaining a light regulatory touch that encourages more 
investment from more companies," NCTA said in a statement.

In that speech, Wheeler praised that investment, but also suggested that 
preempting state laws limiting municipal broadband would also spur more 

But NCTA was focused on network neutrality.

"The surest way to stifle further competition and investment in the broadband 
marketplace is to impose public utility Title II regulation on Internet 
access," NCTA said.
"Under the light-touch regulatory regime that has been in place for almost two 
decades, the cable industry has invested over $210 billion since 1996 to build 
robust, next generation broadband networks that are available to 93 percent of 
American consumers. Cable networks capable of 100 Mbps or higher are available 
to 85 percent of U.S. homes."

Wheeler used slightly different figures in his speech. He said that while he 
conceded a majority of Americans had access to 100 Mbps, "it is not acceptable 
that more than 40% do not," and added that "just because most Americans have 
access to next-generation broadband doesn't mean they have competitive choices."

Wheeler's speech was about spurring competition and NCTA's response was: Bring 
it on. "The cable industry is committed to meeting consumer demand for a world 
class Internet experience and competing in the marketplace with all wired and 
wireless Internet providers."

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