[opendtv] Re: NBC's Reitmeier to head ATSC board

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Is this an example of what Army types call "Prior proper planning prevents
piss poor performance?"

Seems to me that the people who scared the horses might have been more happy
with the results if they had a solid testing plan to propose in advance of
others buying in, rather than -- rightly -- complaining when others did
their skullduggery.

Of course, this is hindsight, which usually is clearer than foresight.

John Willkie

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> Bravo Dale and Craig...
> How about the monkey business over the 8VSB/COFDM "flyoff" run by NAB and
> MSTV. It was rigged to kill any COFDM consideration. The data showing the
> serious "mistakes of technique" were presented to the sponsor groups but
> were rejected at a joint meeting of NAB and MSTV Boards as coming "to
> late".
> The "mistake" (hard to accept that it was not intentional) was the use of
> a
> wide open high gain preamp on the COFDM receiver but a tuned front end on
> the 8VSB receiver. The result was a failure of the COFDM receiver in many
> locations where the poor little preamp just got overloaded by a lot of off
> channel signals. The proof of the problem was when the same sites were
> independantly retested with a filter in front of the COFDM reciever. When
> that was done the "failed" sites produced solid reception for COFDM. Given
> this evidence there was a request to, at least, retest some of the data.
> That request was violently rejected and a vote to endorse 8VSB was passed.
> That was the end of any real chance to allow OTA digital TV to have a
> future
> business other than delivery from wired or satillite subscription
> services.
> A very sad chapter in the history of free OTA TV.
> Nat Ostroff

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