[opendtv] Re: Multi-Unit Dwellings and ATSC

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The idiots on this board state that ATSC is intended to work with a 30 foot
mast, not a 50 foot one.


However, all fixed communications systems have always (more than 50 years)
used that figure as a reference point, and that's measured from the ground.
And, no, if your rented roof is 10 feet above ground, nothing in law gives
you the right to put an antenna 20' above your roof line.  You can mount an
external antenna, of the type normally used for television reception.


Antenna rules are clearly marked on the FCC web site.


John Willkie



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I'm curious as to how the transition to ATSC will work out for multi-unit

If I understand correctly, OTA, and more specifically ATSC, was designed to
use an outdoor antenna.  I also understand that it is every person's right
(as in legally cannot be prohibited) to install an antenna to receive OTA.
I'm not sure if this only applies to single-family dwellings or multi-unit
dwellings as well. 

Either way, I'm not sure that a multi-unit dwelling owner wants an exterior
antenna for every unit, thus, a single, central antenna would be installed
and a distribution system delivers the signal.  If that system is converted
to cable, as so many are, then the units will not be able to receive OTA.   

Remember that most here on this board specifically state that ATSC is
designed to be used with an exterior antenna on a 50' mast.  So do the
residents of a unit have the right to erect one?  Or are residents of
multi-unit dwellings forced to use rabbit ears which may or may not work? 


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