[opendtv] Re: Motorola Introduces First All-Digital Set-Top Family With Built-In Home Media Networking Capabilities

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And at higher resolutions? Like with Dell's new Apple cinema display



Aren't those cards intended to be used with rgb sources aka personal
computers... Of course they are a great match for any HD HTPC, playing
YCbCr, instead of converting dvd source's YUV to RGB.

Though I just read that Nvidia's new h.264 decompression accelleration has
an edge on ATi's, allowing lower spec cards to accelerate hd signals,
whereas ATi's relies on a certain number of pixelpipes to be present, so
only the high-end cards can provide sufficient accelleration support.

It is said that MS recommends ATi graphics for Vista, due to better driver
support. So no clear cut pc graphics leader at the moment.

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Richard Hollandsworth wrote:
> Is there any current HDTV that isn't backward compatible with 24-bit DVI
interface via HDMI
> (Type A) interface....and NO MORE???? Hence, they don't implement double
data rate HDMI
> (Type B) that is required for 30/36-bit color pallet.

Not true... because of YCbCr 4:2:2 sub-sampling, 12-bits YCbCr costs
as much bitrate as 8-bits RGB 4:4:4. And then 165 MHz pixel clock is
still enough for 1080p resolution, so a single link will do.

Note that ATI are saying that all their X1000 (1300, 1600, 1800) cards
have dual-link DVI output, and full 10-bits processing in the output
path, and that they can actually connect to a 10-bits (or more) digital
display. This is the first good application of dual-link that I have
heard of. But you need this only for RGB, not for YCbCr.

-- Jeroen

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