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More from Bendov paper.

"As outlined in this paper, television broadcasting would derive
significant benefits from the transition to software-defined DTTV and
from the assignment of contiguous blocks of channels in each market.
Not the least of the benefits is avoidance of interference from other
unlicensed and licensed transmitters.

It would be better to plan ahead for this transition. It is likely
that the viewers of OTA TV in the US will continue to migrate to cable
and other TV program distributors unless the broadcasting community
shifts from reliance on "dumb" TV sets tethered to rooftop antennas
and inefficient bandwidth usage. Broadcasters could grow the number of
OTA viewers by embracing new technical and business models. This paper
addresses aspects of a new technical model that would allow for new
business opportunities.

Distributed on-channel transmission could play a critical role in the
transition to software-defined DTTV. As S2Rx receivers become
available, the modulation of distributed on-channel transmitters would
be switched from 8-VSB to COFDM. The main transmitter, using 8-VSB
modulation, will continue to serve all legacy receivers. Meanwhile,
switching to COFDM modulation will significantly increase the quality
of service in areas not covered by the main 8-VSB transmitter and
create entirely new service for mobile DTTV users. "

First the FCC proposes interfering new uses of the spectrum and then
solutions are proposed that further demarcate broadcasters.

At least there is a "COFDM" in this vision. Sounds good but wouln't it
be a lot easier to just switch to or allow a better modulation? This
sounds like a political and implementaion nightmare.

Bob Miller

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