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"Cost, it seems, will be an important factor in mobile TV's success. "

I'd call that double-speak, Jeroen.  Remember that everywhere in the world
it will compete with FTA broadcasting.  Making TV more expensive than
cocaine is certainly a premium niche, but TV is a mass medium.

I will note that mobile TV COULD be a new domestic revenue source for the
BBC, but it would have to be outside the license fee for it to make any
sense on a revenue basis.  And, the BBC's charter is "in play" these days,
with nobody putting down real money that the current structure will survive
the 2006 re-write.

John Willkie

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Found at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3880069.stm

This part was interesting:
"The TV function is fun and convenient but also very expensive. I only
watched about 45 minutes and it cost me about $50."

Duh !

-- Jeroen.
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