[opendtv] Re: Mobile DTV test

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[opendtv] Re: Mobile DTV test

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But, a big *if* in this is whether (or not) a minimum performance 

requirement gets established that ensures ALL receivers can receive. 

Don't be ridiculous Mark. You can never ensure that all receivers receive!


nature of the physical front end is extremely important. I will concede 

that Zenith, LINX (and others?) have a good handle on what is required 

for equalization (does that surprise anyone?). WHAT is NOT so well 

understood are the other front end issues (selectivity, sensitivity, 

AGC, overload, multichannel performance (IM), etc...) that are just as 

important, and the negative impact of not dealing with the resulting 

performance degradation. 

 I disagree that those other issues are not well understood. I think they are 
better understood than some of the equalization and synchronization issues. I 
would say that of those three -- front end issues, equalization and 
synchronization -- it is synchronization that needs the most R&D attention.

 Many (most) of the receivers on the market 

today are married to front ends that perform in a cable environment but 

DIE in the real world terrestrial environment that will exist until the 

transition is over. It is a very real problem, and it is NOT being 

adequately addressed.

So, simply for the sake of argument, let us say that 8VSB equalization 

issues will be solved to the majority interests of Broadcasters. Then what?



Then what? Then broadcasters can address the issue of why thier OTA audience 
has shrunk so much, once they can no longer point to reception issues as a 
contributing factor. It's always about broadcasters' interests, isn't it? What 
about consumers' interests? What about the fact that 99% of consumers won't 
want to pay diddly for this technology that most of them will never use.
The reality is: you will get the best RF tuner that can be had for a buck or 
two; you will get the best selectivity, etc. that can be gotten from a 50-cent 
SAW filter; and you will get the best damn 8-VSB demodulation that can be 
incorporated into a $10 SoC (system-on-a-chip) that does everything else a TV 
set requires. You will get what the market will bear, not what the best 
engineering science projects can create.
-- Frank 

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