[opendtv] Re: Mobile ATSC reception paper

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:02:32 -0500

Mark Aitken wrote:

> Other possible alternatives. Look at the ATSC activities
> being worked on by Rohde and Schwarz with Samsung. A-VSB
> provides another promising avenue of possible progress.
> It relies on:
>       i.      Deterministic Trellis Reset *(DTR)*
>       ii.      Deterministic Frame *(DF)*
> The stated objective of this (A-VSB) proposal is to bring
> "Extensibility" to the ATSC 8-VSB physical layer.

Mark, I have a couple of questions:

1. Is there a synopsis of this work online somewhere, and

2. Is A-VSB backward compatible with 8-VSB?


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