[opendtv] Re: Milk'n it Baby! - Global STB shipments to reach record levels this year

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:48:46 +0000



The term "multiscreen devices," in my view, is nonspecific enough to cloud the 
issue. "Multiscreen devices," as far as I can tell, does not mean "devices that 
have multiple screens," as one might expect. Rather, it means, "devices that 
are designed intelligently enough to use the same interface protocols all over 
the world, as opposed to the obtuse and deliberate lack of standards that the 
worldwide TV industry has enjoyed foisting on consumers." Or, IP devices rather 
than traditional TV appliances.

As long as TV sets were bulky appliances anchored in the family room, the TV 
industry could get away with such shenanigans. However with the advent of 
mobile devices and the Internet, the TV industry lost that clout. No one is 
going to walk around with an STB under his arm, while he watches TV on his 

So this is the actual issue. By some stroke of luck, so far the special 
interests have not been able to screw up the Internet Protocol world, just yet.

When MVPDs create this MPEG-2-TS to IP/H.264 home gateway device out of their 
STB/PVR box, that's still a "hail mary" desperate attempt at "milking that STB 
model," as Craig might say. Why? Because even those MVPD subscribers don't 
spend all of the waking hours at home. So in parallel, the MVPD is having to 
make that material available without the STB gateway, using IP standards 
throughout the Internet, for when the subscriber is not at home.

If the specialized, proprietary STB is unessential outside the home, why 
pretend it's ever interesting?

Rather than attempting to perpetuate the pretense, perhaps it's time for the 
trade press to suggest that MVPDs will be migrating all TV streams to IP 
delivery, even for home-bound TV appliances. Education rather than obfuscation.


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