[opendtv] Re: Microtune MT2130 Tuner

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You mean that ETSI hasn't published a TR to deal with receiver issues akin
to the TR101-290 for transport stream issues?  

And, you mean that Christmas is celebrated widely in, say India, China,
Japan, Taiwan, Russia and the middle East?  Somehow, that's more than half
the world's population. 

Bob, it's better to speak of what you know, or risk showing ignorance.

John Willkie

P.S.  What percentage of those French households can receive terrestrial
HDTV?  Do you think that they lose something by down rezzing?

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> Or that since DVB-T/H receivers meet the market place spec and since
> there is a lot of competition if you don't want to be dog meat next
> week your receiver better be as good or better than others.
> This Christmas season is going to be gangbusters around the world for
> DVB-T/H receivers. Come the spring it could be truly amazing. France
> has 20% household penetration in 18 months in the half of the country
> they have covered.
> Bob Miller

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