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Yep, just as I suspected. It was full moon two days ago and some people are still looney.

John Willkie wrote:

Do you tit-for-tats with Bert.  You said DVB boxes would sell well around
the world, and you were incorrect because DVB isn't available terrestrially
but in a small part of the world.

You seem clueless about HDTV.  It's what is driving US TV sales right now,
and will in all 8-VSB countries.  I've even heard Wal-Mart shoppers say "I
don't want to settle for SDTV." HDTV is at best an afterthought in DVB
countries.  In a marketing sense, the picture quality is a reason to buy a
new set.

In DVB countries for the moment, it's the generally scarcity of over the air
channels that drives DVB technology.  You are clueless about this as well,
despite my having pointed it several times, and I constantly allude to it.
(It's what's behind "there are more DTV stations in Tijuana than DTV
stations in all of the U.K.")

Note that I didn't say that ATSC boxes would sell well around the world.
8-VSB boxes and sets are what are being promoted in stores and ads this
season; judging by my TV watching, more so than even iPods.

John Willkie, who is done with this sub-thread.

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I made the comment that in many countries DVB-T would do very well
this Christmas. Wasn't talking about HDTV. France will deploy HD as a
pay service OTA I believe.

You then mentioned that a number of countries don't celebrate
Christmas. I pointed out that in fact they do to an extent you might
find surprising.

That's it. This could go on till Christmas. Nuff said.

I am outa here. (this discussion)

DMB-TH will be demonstrated in the US in the spring.

Bob Miller

On 12/6/06, John Willkie <johnwillkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So, let me see. Bahrain, a "country" smaller than the city I am at this
moment in, Celebrates Christmas.

You allege that China celebrates Christmas, but of course by your words,
they do not.  Last time I checked, they had about half the world's
population.  You equivocated on this point, Bob.  How many TV stations
China use the DVB spec?

Christmas is a "fad" in Japan.

How many of these countries around the world that you believe celebrate
Christmas have DTT systems based on the DVB standards?   Will there be
millions of DTT boxes under Bahraini Christmas trees?

Will there be millions and millions of DVB receivers sold for Christmas
presents in Brazil?  How about Argentina?

I just listed a few countries where Christmas is less prevalent than
countries.  Do you believe that Hindis, Sikhs and Muslims are more
likely to
celebrate Christmas in India than the average citizen in, say, Canada?
While India, in the post-Marxist world, is starting to thrive, the
annual income for the country is still less than the average weekly
in the U.S.  I suspect that the few people there who celebrate Christmas
don't buy many HDTV sets.

I have a bit of a perspective on this point, Bob.  I live most of the
in Mexico.  Christmas is observed there, but not in the way that would
many Mexicans to put DTT systems out as presents on Christmas.
trees are just getting to be in vogue there among people; Christmas in
Mexico is more about the "reason for the season" than gifts.  (Every
the buses I ride in Mexico passes a Catholic church, many people on the
execute the "sign of the cross" just like my mom did when I was a mere

You reach for low-hanging fruit, Bob, to "praise" DVB.  You do this all
time, and try to chime in on any remote topic to pimp what -- in the
you live in -- is a dead letter.   In the current context, you are
damning DVB with faint praise.

Also, as to the TR101-290 spec, it actually has much to say about what a
receiver should be able to do, but can't use RF planning factors, since
are different from region to region and country to country.

John Willkie

P.S.  I note you didn't respond to how many people in France are able to
HDTV terrestrially.  Do you think that the French people -- as opposed
the nomenclatura -- are interested in 'quality?'

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My daughter brought home a friend from college for Thanksgiving, a
Fulbright scholar from Bahrain. They celebrate Christmas there and she
is a Bahai Iranian.

Japan is big on Christmas. They probably spend more than Germany.
Russia is big on Christmas with gifts given on New Years Eve. They are
thirteen days behind us though as to Christmas.

Taiwan is working on making Christmas a holiday.China has their Spring
Festival (Chinese New year) at the end of January which is the atheist
answer to Christmas there though traditional Christmas is celebrated
by some.

India celebrates Christmas and it is a national holiday. They
celebrate it like many of us as a secular event, an excuse for
spending on presents and good times.

It is the season to spend in most of the places you list which was my

This I know John.

And thanks for your continued instructions in the art of life.

Bob Miller

On 12/6/06, John Willkie <johnwillkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You mean that ETSI hasn't published a TR to deal with receiver
to the TR101-290 for transport stream issues?

And, you mean that Christmas is celebrated widely in, say India,
Japan, Taiwan, Russia and the middle East?  Somehow, that's more
the world's population.

Bob, it's better to speak of what you know, or risk showing
John Willkie

P.S.  What percentage of those French households can receive
HDTV?  Do you think that they lose something by down rezzing?

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Or that since DVB-T/H receivers meet the market place spec and
there is a lot of competition if you don't want to be dog meat
week your receiver better be as good or better than others.

This Christmas season is going to be gangbusters around the world
DVB-T/H receivers. Come the spring it could be truly amazing.
has 20% household penetration in 18 months in the half of the
they have covered.

Bob Miller

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