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I should have been succinct: Bob alleged that many DVB boxes would be sold
this Christmas around the world.  If he had merely said in "DVB countries
with active DTT systems" or "Western Europe" I wouldn't have had any nit to
pick.  DVB is largely -- this year -- a practical Western European system.

When one overlays DVB countries over the world's population, against
countries where DVB is actually served, one gets not the world, but "Western

I just love anecdotes by Westerners in China who -- going by the quote --
are just now this year seeing (merchantilist-driven) Christmas displays in
China.  It's almost as if they have more celebrations of Christmas in
Beijing than Mexico City (Mexico is 80+% Catholic, China being about 1%
Christian, even if deeply hidden).  It's an amusing anecdote, since a small
part of China's population is in Beijing.  

In countries that truly celebrate Christmas, the day (not the 'holiday') is
celebrated by rich and poor, in towns small, large and medium.

And, I must note, MANY people are in prison in China for merely praying to
Jesus. Last time I checked, it's his (alleged) day of birth that is being

Could you point out any Nativity scenes in public (heck, even private)
places in China? :-)  All you have to do is to peer at a few other pages in
that CIA factbook to discern the status of Christians in China.

I am sure that I am not alone in knowing and having known Jews that
celebrate Christmas -- and not "Jews for Jesus" types -- in a non-sectarian,
Santa Claus type of way.  When one probes, one finds people who don't want
to miss out on the 'fun" or feel left out, and who are less than solid in
their religiosity.  (I should also point out that I found this to be less
prevalent on the East Coast of the U.S. than on the West Coast, the center
of the media universe.)

John Willkie

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> John Willkie wrote:
> > You allege that China celebrates Christmas, but of course by your words,
> > they do not.  Last time I checked, they had about half the world's
> > population.
>  From the CIA Factbook:
> World population, as of July 2006: 6.5 billion
> China popularion, as of July 2006: 1.3 billion
> https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/xx.html#People
> https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ch.html#People
> Here are some sites about Christmas celebrations in China:
> "Although we are far from our country but we feel at home here, because
> Beijing is filled with festival atmosphere." said William Lindesay, an
> American who works for the protection work for the Great Wall.
> In the lobby of Oriental Plaza in Wangfujing Street, downtown Beijing, a
> beer-bottle Christmas tree, about eight-meter tall and weighing seven
> tons, is decorated with dazzling lights and gift boxes.
> Such a tree would have been seen as an exaggerated and bizarre ornament
> in the past. In today's Beijing, however, smiling Santa Clauses,
> colorful Christmas stockings, trees and slogans with " Merry Christmas"
> are everywhere. "Jingle Bells" resounds in many of the metropolis'
> shopping malls.
> Angela Smith, an Italian student in the Capital Economic and Trade
> University, marveled at the city's festival atmosphere. " Beijing's
> Christmas is as bustling as that in my hometown," she exclaimed.
> Rui Wa, a seller of Christmas gifts and ornaments in her 40s, said she
> purchased 1,000 new-style Christmas trees from Hongkong in early
> November and the stock is running low.
> http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2004-12/25/content_403184.htm
> However, if you were to visit those same Chinese cities today, you'd see
> signs of Christmas everywhere you looked! On the Avenue of Eternal Peace
> in Beijing, China, there are Christmas displays everywhere. Many Chinese
> people celebrate by decorating their houses with Christmas trees,
> cooking and eating special foods, and spending time with family and
> friends.
> So yes, the Chinese celebrate Christmas. But no, most do not celebrate
> it for the same reasons that Christians do.
> http://www.jackiechankids.com/files/Christmas_in_China.htm
> Similar to many other western things already common to Chinese, the
> Christian festival is now in vogue in the populous Asian country as
> well. In the biggest gift shopping mall in Beijing, throngs of people
> flood in to get their best buys for Christmas.
> Li Huimin, a shop manager of Shangpin Floral House, said, "The Christmas
> sale season began late in October. Almost all of the items related to
> "Xmas" have become hot. And most of the buyers are the upper middle
> classes who care more about quality of life than their budget. "
> http://china.org.cn/english/China/83318.htm
> Mark
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