[opendtv] Microdisplay vs CRT RPTV sales forecasts

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In the current issue of TPV, Gary Merson reports on the forecasts
from two TV manufacturers: Hitachi and an unnamed "major
television manufacurer."

For 2004, Hitachi is projecting a mix of 1M units, consisting of
either LCD or DLP, where LCD makes up 60 percent of the 1M, and
1.6M units which are CRT-based RPTVs. So 38.5 percent of unit
sales in this sector are non-CRT.

For 2006, Hitachi predicts a slight advantage to go to DLP/LCD.
Again, this applies to CRT RPTVs vs flat panel. Not all TV

The unnamed company predicts 1.16M flat panel units vs. 1.74M
CRT-based RPTVs, or 40 percent non-CRT, for 2004.

But this company predicts that in 2005, 2.17M units will be
panel sets, and 0.93 will be CRT RPTVs. This is 70 percent
flat panel displays, 30 percent CRT RPTVs, next year.

Of course, this doesn't include the mix of smaller, cheaper
sets. But the price of small LCDs is already today getting
affordable, i.e. in the hundreds of dollars. My prediction
would be that really really *cheap* low-end CRT TVs will
come on the market, as their swan song.


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