[opendtv] Re: McAdams On: TV Everywhere, Why Aereo Wins the PR War...

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 18:25:39 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

>> The way see it, OTA TV only needed a two-digit channel number for
>> navigating channels, and perhaps a weekly program guide with your
>> Sunday paper. MVPDs had to improve on this, because of the much
>> larger choice they offered and added niceties like VOD in the
>> system. So EPGs were one necessary improvement. But there is no
>> reason now to expect the next evolutionary step, Internet TV, to
>> have to live with the restrictions that worked for an MVPD
>> walled garden!


> You need a user interface for watching TV that makes it easy to
> select the stuff you watch routinely, and a robust search
> capability that lets you find content on any server you have
> legal access to. Thus, if you pay for HBO via your MVPD, the
> search engine should let you find HBO programming on any
> Internet server.

You're still stuck on the MVPD.

It does not take a lot of tweaking to existing web search engines to do exactly 
what you ask for, especially if you unshackle yourself from the walled garden 
MVPD model. That's my point, here and in the other similar threads. Internet TV 
un-walls the MVPD model. You can emulate the walled-in MVPD situation, by 
subscribing to just one for-pay OTT site, but there is no reason to limit 
yourself that way anymore.

It's just not that difficult a concept. The problem seems to be that most 
people can't divorce "TV content" from "walled in MVPD."


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