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OK, all this theoretical stuff is just that. Theoretical.
To quote Monty Python,
"Stop That! It's Silly!"

At 17,670 miles per hour the 'tube car' making a journey through the center of the earth would need every life support system plus the thermally protective ceramic tile outer surface the Space Shuttle has.

It would also need the ability to physically withstand the very high compression atmospheric pressure it would experience at that speed while diving through a tunnel going through the center of the earth. This is not like flying through the outer atmosphere to get to space, it's far more intense.

Another problem is the fact that as the thing passes the '50 mile deep point' in it's travel toward the center of the earth the mantle gives way to the molton core. How are you going to build [much less run a tube car with human life forms aboard through] a tunnel through the center of the earth that will withstand the temperature and pressure of the molton core? If you can do that, I can think of a lot better, more productive and business savy applications for THAT technology.

One other point: I suspect the occupants of the 'tube car' would resemble broiled lobster when they reach China or what ever destination is deemed proper.

If you want to propose something rational and useful, why not try to find a way to multiplex ultrawideband communications signals with natural gas running through buried pink plastic pipes running under all the city streets in the country?

John Shutt wrote:


17,670 MPH

And a trip from any point to any other point would be about 42 minutes regardless of the distance between endpoints.


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How is this. Free fall is the absence of any resistance or counter
force to a body's obeying the laws of gravity.

What speed would be reached as you pass the center? Anyone know? I don't

Bob Miller

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