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I believe that Bob's point was that Sinclair's petition to the FCC to permit COFDM did not ask the FCC to ban 8-VSB, and Sinclair offered to replace on a one-for-one basis DVB-T STBs for ATSC STBs for every viewer in their markets.

If that proposal were accepted by the FCC in 2001, the side-by-side performance of COFDM vs. 8-VSB in Sinclair markets would have been the end of ATSC.


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Bob Miller wrote:

In fact the only time anyone seriously worried about legacy receivers was
when there were very few of them and it was a convenient argument against
allowing COFDM. Now that there are lots of legacy receivers
those who still are proponents of 8-VSB are not worried about the threat of
another modulation being considered and will have no problem making them

The problem with COFDM is that there is no way to gradually reduce ordinary 8VSB transmissions and ramp up COFDM transmissions. A gradual changeover is more desirable in advertizer-supported OTA from a business standpoint. The
convolutional byte interleaving and 2/3 trellis coding of 8VSB data fields
prevent a mixed transmission using COFDM.

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