[opendtv] Re: Let them eat cake (and ATSC while they're at it)

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 17:00:43 -0400

John Golitsis wrote:

>You're just spinning your wheels, as you have been for the past 5 years.
>If you have a legit business plan and legit financing, then YOU dictate to the 
>manufacturers.  You put out a tender specifying  
>exactly what you want, how you want it to perform, how many you want, and what 
>price you'll willing to pay.  THEN you evaluate product that  
>is supposed to meet YOUR spec.
We did that with COFDM and had working receivers in three months. 
October to December 1999 and a revision in May. I would not know where 
to begin with 8-VSB. The players know what they have to do I would 
think. We have at the moment three companies trying meet our spec. It 
has to work plug and play at Mark Schubin's and a number of other 
places. It has to mimic the LG prototype or be the LG prototype we 
tested last summer.

Financing is available but I have to have a working receiver and a 
timetable for production.

>It's clear to me that you're simply afraid of a market failure. So instead of 
>facing that inevitable conclusion, you'd rather blame  
>everybody and everything else for not getting started in the first place. 
>Blame the modulation, blame the hardware, blame the government.
>Blame yourself!
I blame everyone legitimately including myself. If for example we had 
applied for a COFDM experimental license as we almost did for a few LPTV 
stations in 1999 I think it would have been very hard for the US to have 
picked 8-VSB. The demonstrations of COFDM would have not taken place in 
a Congressional hearing room in 2000 but on the streets of DC.

But we were told that the rules for digital LPTV would be finalized by 
end of the year 1999 and we chose to stay quiet. Then the whole Sinclair 
thing blew up and it got politicized. We were new to the broadcast game 
at the time and had no idea what was going on. We wanted broadcasters to 
be stuck with 8-VSB and were afraid if the COFDM secret leaked out that 
the US would switch to COFDM. Something we saw as a disaster. Little did 
we know that the COFDM/8-VSB debate would freeze everything 
indefinitely, LPTV rules, upper and lower 700 MHz auctions and the use 
of that spectrum until the transition was over.

LPTV was supposed to be able to use COFDM but that didn't happen and the 
rules didn't come out until recently. You could buy but not use lower 
700 MHz spectrum with COFDM.  So the one thing left is to use 8-VSB and 
that opportunity only came up with the advent of the 5th gen receiver 
test. And mysteriously it cannot be duplicated.

Before that there was simply nothing that could be done with 8-VSB or COFDM.

Something we work on everyday. For instance last night.

Dear Mr. Miller,

According to your feedback, we are investigating the difference between 
our Kit and LG prototype.
To help our engineers find out cause of the problem, please let me get 
some more detailed information or phenomenon of the performance 
difference between our Kit and LG prototype.
For example, we'd like to know ...
(1) if the output display is flickering? (If so, frequently or 
infrequently?) or if the Kit could not receive the specific channel at all?
(2) Assuming the latter case (the Kit did not receive a specific 
channel), did it occur during "Auto channel search" or "direct channel 
tuning by pressing number buttons of remote control" or in both cases.

Best regards,

One of three correspondences ongoing. Why can't LG just duplicate their 
prototype? Or make a receiver based on it? You wouldn't think this would 
take nine months of back and forth. It sure didn't with COFDM in 1999. 
In fact we were invited to Europe, wined and dined by numerous companies 
and everything seemed possible. ATSC is the art of the everlastingly 
impossible and the dragging of feet and the grudgingly participation. 
About nobody being interested in a word.

Bob Miller 

>On 16-May-05, at 3:24 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
>>We are the only entity that is actively testing 8-VSB receivers today.
>>Doesn't it strike anyone as odd that a start-up is the only company
>>looking for decent 8-VSB receivers. I have been in DC three times  
>>in the
>>last few weeks and Congress has NO interest in this problem. The  
>>FCC is
>>looking into receiver issues? Broadcasters other than Sinclair?

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