[opendtv] Re: Let them eat cake (and ATSC while they're at it)

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The feats I'd like to see repeated by a commercially available ATSC receiver 
is to be able to attach a bowtie antenna to a broomstick and be able to 
waive it about a room and not lose reception.  To be able to simply place an 
antenna on top of the TV and have it work.  To be able to set a TV set down 
in the kitchen, pull out the rod antenna, and get all the OTA channels 
without fussing with the aerial or adding tin foil.

I am NOT advocating a mobile reception business model.  Mobile is just the 
acid test that gets us everything else.

Frank is free to load up his receiver into a van, drive around Manhattan, 
and videotape the results.  The 8-VSB transmitters are already in place, and 
are over 100 watts ERP.


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>I guess you don't recall Frank Eory stating that they hit some 40
> miles per hour (IIRC) before losing reception with their first 8VSB
> chip.  Or the clip I posted over a year ago showing LG's mobile
> demonstration that was - as I was told - of their 5th gen chip.  Bob
> later commented that they were testing something different, but again
> - agenda.
> But, like Doug said, the point is really quite moot.  DTV was never
> about mobile reception.  It's supposedly possible today in the UK,
> but is there consumer demand or product available for this??

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