[opendtv] Re: Let them eat cake (and ATSC while they're at it)

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 23:12:48 -0400

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Bob Miller wrote:
>>But he does express the silent opinion of many in
>>Congress and the FCC that OTA is essentially dead.
>>Or was this what was planned all along?
>>I don't see how they are going to explain the
>>rebirth of OTA worldwide using COFDM while they try
>>to shut it down in the US.
>Bob, you're making a far bigger deal of the modulation aspects than they are 
>due. There is none of the rebirth you're alluding to going on, even
>in Europe.
Couldn't disagree with you more. There is a rebirth of OTA in Europe and 
every day that goes by will prove this more.

>Matter of fact, the lower power of Euro TV, especially in countries like the 
>UK, France, and Italy, where 10s of KW are all you're going to get
>for UHF TV, creates a whole business segment that we don't have here. Antenna 
>installers. A real, viable business segment. Because OTA is popular enough but 
>yet tricky to receive due to the low output of the transmitters.
8-VSB with current receivers needs antennas at any power level. The fact 
that we don't have a viable antenna installer business only attest to 
the failure of 8-VSB in the US. Your list includes France which only 
started OTA DTV a few weeks ago so I don't know how you include them. 
Italy should already have all the antennas they will ever need from the 
looks of their skylines. And the UK has an average transmitter power of 
one kW so it is understood there though I have had emails discussions 
where people get good reception with indoor antennas at 20 miles from 
such transmitters. We did on Coney Island and points east from NJ 100 
Watt transmitter at 400 ft while mobile.

>In Italy, it's become a "green" thing. My sister can no longer receive OTA of 
>most UHF channels via rabbit ears because all but RAI 1, 2, and 3 reduced 
>power. So now, in her condo, they are debating whether to install a central 
>antenna system. And yet they are only a few miles from the repeaters that feed 
>the North part of Rome.
>(Interstingly enough, only 2 of 20 apartments use OTA. Sound familiar?)
Yet they are considering a central antenna. Sounds like a few more may 
take up TV or DTV now that they have approved funding for an additional 
1.4 million receivers at a subsidy of 70 Euros. They have 21 million 
households so I think they are doing OK with OTA digital.

France will begin a subscription service using MPEG4 and COFDM. This one 
I am very interested in. They may offer HD on it and therefore not set 
it up for mobile but even with HD it will be a direct comparison between 
the US and France using what we should be using.

Bob Miller

>That Humax receiver sounds promising too, then? I think that's the one that 
>doesn't support any sort of timed operation. Too bad.

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