[opendtv] Re: Let them eat cake (and ATSC while they're at it)

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  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 13:58:18 -0500

John Shutt wrote:

> I take that as a "no."
> 'Nuff said.
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>>John Shutt wrote:
>>>A simple yes or no:  Have you watched the Bob Miller

I have watched the whole thing, twice. And yes, it appears that
only the diversity receiver worked. I don't object to that, we all
agree that mobile is difficult.
We also remember the hype from the Far East with their SFN
and TV on busses: they had to go to much higher powers
to make it work, if I recall right. And this for one
teensy country.

Nobody doubts that COFDM will work mobile at a low enough
bitrate, enough power, enough SFN transmitters, etc.
It will even work to cover large areas if you have three
times the power, per bitrate, as ATSC.

The purpose of OTA digital TV in the USA is HDTV, not mobile.

Doug McDonald
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