[opendtv] Re: Let the games begin

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 08:47:23 -0500

Bert wrote:
>I know he tried some no-name clones with the 5th gen LG chip, and that
those clones didn't do "as well as" the prototype. But that doesn't mean
they are crap, either. We have all surmised the reason to be that they
weren't using the better tuner designs.

        The LG/Zenith "cold fusion" receiver design was the latest in a
long line of Red Herring products announced or developed to obfuscate the
8VSB reception debate. It set the gold standard for VSB reception, which is
not duplicated by available 5G products, including those from Zenith/LG.
Granted, the new 5G products do provide improved performance but whether
that is good enough depends upon where one lives. Mark Schubin would say no
and remember; he receives acceptable NTSC reception with rabbit ears.
Of course we know that the major difference is in the RF front-end design
but the question still remains, why did Zenith again demonstrate a
"solution" product that they did not intend to bring to market?

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