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  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:48:08 -0500

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Tom Barry wrote:
>>>On the other hand, there's nothing quite as aggravating as petulant, whiny 
>>>children. We aren't getting DVB-T, okay? Get over it.
>>This often seems to be the response when someone criticizes ATSC.  But ATSC 
>>continues be be vulnerable to criticism because the repeated promises for 
>>improvement continue to be broken.
>>It is of course somewhat offensive to be called a whiny child.
>Yes, well, I was responding in kind. I guess that's not good policy. Depending 
>on one's point of view, offenses from one side or the other tend to be 
>The simple fact is, that's how I feel about this topic. The "if only we had 
>gone to DVB-T" complaint is utterly useless at this point, and sounds like an 
>excuse to lie back and do nothing.
>A good 8-VSB receiver design was demonstrated. It is now incumbent upon those 
>whose livelihood depends on OTA to do something proactive, or just accept 
>defeat and go out of business. Shoulda coulda woulda doesn't do anyone any 
>Furthermore, it's supremely annoying to be told that I "defend ATSC," as if I 
>hadn't made my views on this clear enough. "Defend" isn't the issue. ATSC is 
>what we have. The question now is how best to use it, not to keep beating a 
>horse that died years ago. For me,
>and you I suspect, this is merely an interesting academic exercise. I don't 
>have any reason to "defend" any one technology. My livelihood doesn't depend 
>on ATSC or DVB-T, so I have absolutely no reason to prattle on with silly 
>nonsense like some of the marketing types on here.
I know you are not targeting me Bert but I would like to note that while 
deriding 8-VSB and praising DVB-T we are also ACTIVELY looking for a 
decent 8-VSB receiver and inquiring about a better modulation than 
DVB-T, DMB-T. We are not married to anything. We are open minded and 
working at it.

I want to use LPTV with COFDM or DMB-T, I will use it with 8-VSB if I 
must but only when it makes sense. It hasn't make sense with 8-VSB since 
1999. I keep beating this dead horse, 8-VSB, because I think it may 
magically come to life, but as long as it just lays in the road I am 
actively trying to find another horse to use. I know of such horses but 
the traffic cop on this beat won't let me hook one up. He demands that I 
keep beating the dead one I have. My wagon has been sitting here by the 
side of the road for years. This horse I am beating smells to high 
heaven. I just saw USDTV go by with a similar almost dead horse. I felt 
sorry for it.

But then there was a moment of joy. LG came along with some magic oats 
and both horses looked like they might have a chance. Then LG pulled out 
a gun and shot them both. We shouldn't be whining, your right, we should 
be weeping and wailing and rending our clothes. Of course we could also 
shoot the cop. The republicans always wanted to get rid of the FCC. 
Where is a good republican when you need them, states rights, the 
deficit, run away spending, loss of individual rights, privacy gone to 
hell. We have to throw the impostors out and get some real republicans 
it office before we self destruct.

We are involved in trying to get any business plan to work in the new 
age of digital TV. I don't see anyone else doing so except USDTV and to 
some extent Sinclair and Emmis.

We have the weird actions of the FCC whose answer to the problem is to 
infest TV sets with cheap 8-VSB receivers untested and not requiring any 
performance at all that I know of. And now we have the Congress getting 
ready to set a hard deadline, something I totally agree with, and 
distribute tens of millions of receivers to OTA dependent 
demographically challenged citizens. All this without a clue as to how 
they will perform accept the word of RCA and a demo in a hearing room of 
reception of 8-VSB that was interrupted by someone touching the antenna.

They are desperate that everything is OK. They do not want to know 
anything about what is to hit them when these 8-VSB receivers start 
malfunctioning in apartments across our cities.

They sent the GAO to Berlin with blinders on as to modulation and now 
think they can duplicate Berlin in the US with 8-VSB. Berlin where they 
meticulously tested and probed the market for years. Where they made 
sure coverage and reception was close to perfect. Where they, incidentally,
have a modulation that works.

We are getting a COFDM modulation of one kind or another, it is just a 
matter of after how long a wait and after how much pain we are willing 
to suffer.

Bob Miller

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