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Samsung adds $900 million to capital expenditure
By Peter Clarke , Silicon Strategies
July 16, 2004 (12:25 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D23901816

SEOUL, South Korea - Reporting record financial results for the
second quarter, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. also said it would
increase annual capital expenditure from 7.9 trillion won
(about $6.8 billion) to 8.9 trillion won (about $7.6 billion).

Samsung said it would increase spending despite the uncertainty
of the world economy and oversupply of certain products. It did
not explicitly list where oversupply was looming, but flash
memory prices have softened and several LCD makers are bringing
online new high-productivity factories.

Samsung said it wanted to expand the gap between itself and

The company did not specify where additional funds would be
assigned, but semiconductors and LCD are likely to receive a
significant proportion.

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Joint Sony, Samsung LCD factory opens
By Yoshiko Hara , EE Times
July 16, 2004 (1:56 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D23901863

Tangjung, South Korea - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sony
Corp. opened their LCD-manufacturing joint venture here last
week. Both companies will use the facility as their supply
base for the highly competitive LCD TV market.

The partners said the venture, S-LCD Corp., will be dedicated
to amorphous thin-film-transistor LDC panel manufacturing and
will be the first production line to employ seventh-generation
substrates measuring 1,870 x 2,200 mm. The facility will begin
operation in the first half of 2005, the companies said.

S-LCD was established in April as basically a 50:50 joint
venture, except that Samsung holds one more share and Sony one
less. Chief executive officer Won-Kie Chang comes from
Samsung, and CFO Keiji Nakazawa comes from Sony.

Although the two companies are competitors in the global TV
market, the joint venture will serve both, giving Sony a
volume LCD supply base it didn't previously have. Sony's
decision to partner with an LCD supplier outside of Japan
caused a stir in Japan's LCD industry when the venture was
announced in October 2003.

Samsung plans to build four LCD fabs in Tangjung by 2010, with
a total investment exceeding about $1.8 billion. Samsung and
Sony both invested in the first fab.

Sharp Corp., which started operating an LCD production line
using sixth-generation glass in January, is the market's top
supplier of LCDs for TV applications, according to
DisplaySearch. LG is second and Samsung is third, the research
firm said. Those figures may change after S-LCD begins
operation next year, but the fab's output will depend on its
yield rate. Sharp's yield rate is over 80 percent.

Samsung and Sony signed a cross-licensing agreement on LCD
production technology. S-LCD therefore can use intellectual
property from both companies. In practice, however, Samsung
will provide the major production technology.

S-LCD has a monthly capacity of 60,000 glass substrates.
Twelve 32-inch panels or eight 40-inch panels can be cut from
a single seventh-generation substrate with minimal waste.
Thus, the fab will be able to ship 600,000 of the 32-inch
panels or 450,000 of the 40-inch panels per month, assuming a
yield rate of 85 percent when production is in full swing
around the end of next year.

S-LCD has also completed a module assembly building next to
the panel production line. Panels for each partner will be
made on the same line, and the output will be evenly divided.
The assembly process at the module plant will differ, however.
Samsung will customize its panels there, while Sony will
integrate such peripherals as backlight and driver circuitry
to meet its requirement for TV applications.

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