[opendtv] Jury Verdict Is More Good News for TiVo

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      Jury Verdict Is More Good News for TiVo
      - Apr 14, 2006 06:46 AM (AP Online)

By DAVID KOENIG AP Business Writer

MARSHALL, Texas (AP) -- In a case cast as crucial to TiVo's survival, 
a federal jury decided that EchoStar Communication Corp. copied key 
technologies from the digital video recording pioneer and awarded 
nearly $74 million.

The 10-member jury spent just about two hours, including a cigarette 
break, to decide that the parent of the Dish satellite network had 
infringed nine sections of TiVo's patent on technology for digital 
video recorders that let viewers pause, rewind and fast-forward live 
TV shows.

"There was no one thing," said jury forewoman Cathy Lindsey, a school 
secretary. "We just felt like there was infringement on all the 
charges. It wasn't unanimous to start with, but we were close."

TiVo won most of the $87 million in damages it sought.

The case in federal district court was closely watched on Wall 
Street, with some analysts even dropping in during the two-week 
trial. They said a victory would help TiVo win other royalty deals 
involving digital video recorders, or DVRs.

News of the verdict sent TiVo shares soaring 21.7 percent, or $1.75, 
to $9.80 in after-hours electronic trading Thursday night. If that 
price holds in regular trading when the Nasdaq Stock Market reopens 
on Monday, it would mark a 52-week high for the stock. EchoStar 
shares dropped 22 cents to $29.75 in after-hours trading.

The judge could triple the $73.9 million award _ which is subject to 
appeal _ since the jury found that EchoStar had willfully infringed 
TiVo's patent.


      - http://www.quote.com/home/news/story.asp?story=57624206

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