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U.S., citing security concerns, steers consumers away from IE
By Loring Wirbel , EE Times
July 02, 2004 (12:06 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D22103358

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Department of Homeland Security's
U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team touched off a storm this
week when it recommended for security reasons using browsers
other than Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft browser, the government warned, cannot protect
against vulnerabilities in its Internet Information Services
(IIS) 5 server programs, which a team of hackers allegedly
based in Russia has exploited with a JavaScript that is appended
to Web sites.

The particular virus initiated this week inserts JavaScript into
certain Web sites. When users visit those sites, it initiates
pop-up ads on home and office computers, and allows keystroke
analysis of user information. The target is believed to be credit
card numbers. CERT estimated that as many as tens of thousands of
Web sites may be affected.

CERT said vulnerabilities in IIS and IE could include MIME- type
determination, the DHTML object model, the IE domain/zone
security model and ActiveX scripts. Alternative browsers such as
Mozilla or Netscape may not protect users, the agency warned, if
those browsers invoke ActiveX control or HTML rendering engines.

The only defense may be completely disabling scripting and
ActiveX controls.

Microsoft said earlier in the week it is working with law
enforcement officials to identify the source of the latest
Internet virus.

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