[opendtv] Re: Integrated DTV PSIP

  • From: "John Shutt" <shuttj@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 16:52:24 -0500


Very early on, it was discussed that the local PBS station in each market 
(being neutral in the ratings wars, I suppose) would retransmit the EPG PSIP 
for each station in their market, in order to make it easier and faster for 
STBs to grab a complete guide.  This idea never flew.

PBS stations currently carry TV Guide (Gemstar) data in their Analog 
vertical interval.  I'm not revealing state secrets when I say that there is 
something in the works to provide a similar service via DTV in the future to 
dedicated boxes.

The Samsung box I have, (you have one too, I believe) is rather fast at a 
full guide, but it only receives 2 stations.


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> Does anyone have a box that has an EPG that works well?

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